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Celebrity Gallery
  • Celebrity Gallery is a mobile app for a famous American model and actress fans
  • Android SDK
  • Butterknife
  • Crashlytics
  • Espresso
  • Fabric.js
  • Facebook SDK
  • Google Services
  • Gson
  • Java
  • JSON
  • JUnit
  • MVP
  • Picasso
  • RestApi
  • RxJava
  • Volley
Our team’s got a task to develop an official Android application for a famous American model and actress fans. The application should allow to view a photo, video and GIFs gallery about the celebrity’s life. It is necessary to ensure the LIVE broadcast mode – an ability to display streaming video over the main content. A part of the content should be available to all users, and closed content - accessible only to subscribers. The application should have social sharing option and “Add to Favorites” function. Original name and screenshots of the application have been changed at the request of the rights holder.
The application for displaying content received through the REST API with Retrofit HTTP client was developed on the basis of Android SDK. Picasso was selected as a library for working with images and GIFs, and for displaying streaming video - Ooyala and ExoPlayer. Subscription purchase functionality is implemented through a standard In-App Billing service. After the development was finished, the application was published on Google Play and so far the application has been downloaded about 500 000 times.
One specialist worked on the mobile app development:
- Android developer.
The mobile application development took about 2 months.


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