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Flash banner constructor
  • Flash banner constructor
  • Flash banner constructor
  • Flash banner constructor
  • Flash banner constructor
  • HTML
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  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP

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The goal of the project was to develop an online constructor, in which customers design-studios could make an order to develop a flash banner. The constructor should provide such opportunities: the choice of the size of the banner (from a list of possible sizes), choice of background colors, uploading images, edit text, font, size, color and its location on the banner, select the type of animation. Further thus established order must be stored in the DB and in the admin panel of the site.
It was also necessary to integrate the constructor in the customer's website.

For the development of the constructor, it was decided to use a fabric js library (http://fabricjs.com/). The server side of the constructor is written in pure PHP without the use of frameworks, to simplify the integration, as the customer’s target site is built on “self-made” engine.

PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaSctipt, jQuery, fabricjs

Two developers created the constructor:

- backend PHP developer;

- frontend (html, js, css) developer.

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