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  • Safari Extensions


1. Goal
The goal of the project was to develop a comprehensive solution to attract users of large commercial projects to small business sites in order to increase the client audience. It was necessary to develop a modern extension for Chrome and Safari browsers with the most convenient and responsive interface, administrative and web parts, a search engine for parsing products and issuing search matches. We were given the task to implement a modular system, the components of which will be used later to implement future online solutions (partner stores, stores with a referral system, etc.).
2. Solution
Since the conditions for maximum modularity, versatility and high speed were required for the extension and the search engine, we chose the NodeJS framework that met all these requirements - NestJS. In order to implement the components of the custom browser extension and the site interface, the ReactJS JavaScript library was chosen, which makes it easy to implement dynamic UI elements with a quick response to user actions. The PostgreSQL DBMS was chosen as the main data storage, which has a high throughput of data access. The DynamoDB document-oriented DBMS was chosen as an additional “fast” database (to store user preferences). For the implementation of a quick search for products and categories, we chose the ElasticSearch which allows, based on the generated search indexes, to receive data on search queries in a matter of seconds.
The following technologies and services were also used in the project:
 - Chrome / Safari Extensions 
 - ElasticSearch 
 - ReactJS
 - NodeJS
 - NestJS 
 - Minify
- Amazon SES
- Amazon CloudFront
3. Project team
- Designer - development of website design;
- Project-manager - communication with the customer, distribution and control of the execution of tasks;
- 3 JavaScript developers: 1 - development of the server part of the system, 2 frontend devs - development of UI (HTML5 + LESS) for the browser extension and web application, writing JavaScript code;
- Tester - functional and cross-browser testing.
4. Duration
After agreeing on all the details of the functionality with the client, an estimate and a work plan were drawn up. During the evaluation process, the project was divided into several independent parts, each of which was in turn divided into functional components. As a result, the project was estimated at 2 calendar months of development. Thanks to competent management, the tasks of developing different parts of the system were carried out in parallel, which allowed us to complete the project on time.
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