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  • Misterius is an app designed and developed by Uran Company
  • Misterius is an app designed and developed by Uran Company
  • Gson
  • iOS SDK
  • JSON
  • SVN
  • XML

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Mysterious is a mobile application that helps single people find their soulmate. As well, it can be helpful for existing couples who want to restore and improve relationships. The mobile app allows you to replace the astrologer consultant. Mysterious has a handy calendar for every day from 1940 to 2000, which takes information from the astronomical database. By using certain algorithms, the application calculates and analyzes the compatibility of couples. For each couple there may be up to hundreds of different relationships. For all variations, there are more than 2,000 descriptions provided and each of them is a small scientific article.
iOS SDK,  AcitonScript, SVN,  Gson, Json, XML.
Development of the project involved two experts:
- Curator of the project (setting tasks, communication with the customer);
- iOS programmer (development).
The project was successfully developed during 2 weeks.


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