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Our services can be divided into three main groups. Each one of them is served masterly.
We guarantee high quality solutions, flexible development methodology, advanced monitoring tools.

Full range of software development services for manufacturing, enterprises, banking, small and medium businesses

We have a significant amount of experience in business process automation, implementation and debugging of ERP / CRM / PDM systems and other business process management systems. Implementation of scalable and robust solutions is successful when it’s done not for the first and even 10th time. It takes time to grow and to mature. We have been there and can help you to avoid lots of unpredictable obstacles while developing and implementing your project.

Development of web applications
of any level and complexity

Web Technologies today allow us to do much more than ever before. Cross-platform ability of end products can reach a very large audience: on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Nowadays social network is a part of a life of every internet user, and it is difficult to imagine web without the usual Facebook or VK application. Over the past 10 years Uran Company experts develop web-sites, portals, intranet solutions, social networks applications and integrate ERP / CRM with the Web. Portfolio creation took us years. Over the years of practice, we have become the experts in this area, making it possible to ensure quality and timely implementation of your tasks, so-called "turnkey", from the design phase in which we can offer the best ways for implementation, to the final stages of development and further support.

Mobile applications and services development, complex mobile solutions

Development of mobile applications at Uran Company includes native Android, iOS, WP8 technologies. For the implementation, we use standard mechanisms that can guarantee a quality work of apps and their scalability. In our portfolio there are applications from different areas and different levels of complexity:
- Corporate instant messengers;
- Simple applications used to improve productivity;
- Voice applications;
- Applications using GPS and maps;
- Advertising applications;
- Games.
We will help you with that.


Alexander A.
Minsk, Belarus

Uran Company maintains a strong knowledge base of cutting-edge technology like video filters and end-to-end encryption. The expert team works diligently to maximize ROI. Flawless deliverables are paired with data analytics tools that evidence universally positive user feedback.

Peter C.
Budapest, Hungary

Despite a short timeline, Uran Company successfully completed a working demo of the MVP on time, winning them the opportunity to develop the full project in the future. The dedicated team efficiently organized the work and delivered high-quality results and professionalism.

Jeroen L.
Utrecht, Netherlands

The final product was delivered quickly and is of good quality, exceeding original expectations. Uran communicated daily throughout development and was responsive. The team excels at understanding client needs and translating them into easy-to-use technology solutions.

Patrick M.
San Francisco, California

They transitioned an app process from 80% effectiveness to nearly 100%. Their project manager is the main point of contact and streamlines communications. Flexible, friendly, and responsive, Uran provides a diligent partnership.

Oleksii P.
Burgas, Bulgaria

They know what they do. Attention to details, prompt response times, strong tech focus and timely delivery are their qualities that I value. They ask right questions and we get the result.

Michael S.
Texas, USA

I have 8 years’ experience working with Uran Company. Together with Uran we offer our customers the whole range of software development solutions. About the Company I can say the following: professional, reliable, responsible, available any time of the day.

Alex P.
Munich, Germany

I work with Uran Company 3 years already. During this period, we have successfully implemented dozens of projects for various customers. The distinctive quality of the Company - responsibility, professionalism, reliability, speed of reaction. I am ready to make recommendations.

Alex R.
Danoks Avia Inc.

I work with Uran Company more then 7 years already. Together with Uran we successfully implement modern information technologies in small aircraft.
About the Company I can say the following: reliable, responsible professionals, always available and ready to help.

Dimitri D.
Zurich, Switzerland

Uran Company has provided consulting services in the field of IT for my company.
I would like to emphasize professionalism and nice price policy. I definitely recommend it.

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