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About us


Founded in Ukraine in 2006, Uran Company made its name as one of the best full-stack software development companies, currently, we are doing business in Bulgaria as Uran Company and as Uplanet Inc. in USA.

Our mission is to convert ideas into powerful software solutions and improve the online presence of our clients' ventures to achieve their business goals with digital transformation. We brought to life numerous amount of projects for various companies in all kinds of industries, like eCommerce, Healthcare, FinTech, Livestreaming, Education, and more.

17 years
in the software
development market

Whom We Serve?

Our customers come from different sectors, including insurance companies, banking, healthcare, retail, e-commerce & etc. They ask us to create software, design websites, develop networks, and other technology solutions, to enhance business operations and productivity.

We customize services to match clients’ unique needs because these clients may have varied criteria and expectations.

Our Clients:

  • Start-ups
  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Owners or managers of active businesses
  • Digital and Advertising Agencies
  • and etc.

Our Main Principles in Project Development:

Openness and transparency of all development processes for the client
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Important decisions, such as project estimation and work performance plan, are necessarily agreed upon in advance. Also, the client can monitor the progress of the project with a few indicators:

a) directly observing the status of tasks in our project management system
b) performance reports for an agreed period (weekly or bi-weekly)
c) at the end of each sprint, we provide a build or organize a demo of the implemented functionality

Flexibility in timing of project implementation
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Since we've got a whole team of developers for every direction and platform, we can speed up the development by providing the necessary number of developers for a specific project depending on the deadline, without compromising the quality.

Strict compliance with the design and functionality requirements
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Our apps should be as consistent as possible with what the client originally intended. In order to do that, we study requirements in depth, ask questions, clarify requirements and offer a solution if we have a better one. After we are sure that all questions are solved and all tasks are clear, we start the development. Further compliance with source requirements is strictly controlled by our QA department.

High demands on the quality of the code
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It is important for us not only that the look and functionality of the final product meet the original requirements, but also that the source code is well-supported, extensible, and testable. In order to do this, we use the appropriate architectural solutions, apply the OOP patterns, write tests, and conduct code reviews. We use only proven and stable libraries and frameworks.

High priority of security issues and protective approach to personal data of users
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We do not store and/or transmit passwords and credit card information unencrypted. Our team uses the full range of available solutions depending on original requirements - either we use encryption and secure connection or link-proven and best-known frameworks and libraries that ensure superior security.

Support for various devices and the latest versions of Android and iOS
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New applications are developed to support the latest versions of OS (the old ones are adjusted for them if needed). In order to make sure that our applications work properly on common devices, we use them for testing.

Support for various devices, screens, and browsers for websites and applications
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Depending on original requirements, UI/UX can be adjusted for any mobile and desktop device in accordance with all responsive design rules. In order to make sure that the frontend works properly on the most common devices and screens, we use real devices and BrowserStack.