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Coloring Book

Coloring Book


The application is a gallery of finished images. Each image is represented in two versions:

- Painted (standard) picture;

- Contour picture.

The main idea of ​​the application is to allow the user to paint the contour picture, which can be selected in the gallery of the mobile device. For the convenience such tools were developed: fill, eraser, colored pencils (wide color gamut), fill "Magic Brush". It is also possible to save the finished image in the device memory.


During application development, we have given special attention to the design.

A special tool of the application is the "Magic Brush". The principle of its work is that the user leads mouse on the contour image. After this, the area on which he have lead mouse, is automatically filled in colors that match the colored (standard) image.

Mobile application is only developed for iOS platforms.


CoreGraphic, iOS SDK, JSON, SVN


- Project Manager (communication with customers, distribution of tasks and control)

- iOS programmer (development)


The project was successfully developed and implemented in 5 weeks.