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  • Communicator web app developed by Uran Company
  • Communicator web app developed by Uran Company
  • Communicator web app developed by Uran Company
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Bootstrap
  • Docker
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • PHP
Communicator web application is a SaaS platform developed with a view to allow users to create messaging for communication. Especially, in situations when disruptive and unexpected events in business occur. The responsive web application consists of a tool for creating messages and a library for storage and extraction of messages. When interacting with the responsive web application users can create messages, send them to other users for review, store new and retrieve earlier created messages in the message library.
Original name and screenshots of the application have been changed at the request of the rights holder.
As a basis of the project we chose one of advanced PHP frameworks – Laravel which in a bundle with Docker provides an enormous technology stack, that allows to create flexible, reliable and scalable applications. MySQL DBMS is used as a data storage. Data for different groups is stored in separate databases for ensuring data security. The application was deployed on the cloud infrastructure platform - Amazon Web Services.
- Project manager - communication with the customer, distribution of tasks and monitoring their implementation;
- Frontend developer – interface development (HTML5 + CSS);
- 2 Backend developers – development of the server site of the system;
- Tester – testing.
The development of the project took us 5 months. Due to effective communications between team members the web application was finished and delivered on time.
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