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Insurance Chatbot

Insurance Chatbot


We created a chatbot in order to simplify getting insurance offers for users in the US market. The platform's user can send requests in chat mode, then the chatbot asks the user for necessary information and returns the cost of the insurance policy for the house or car. This could be done via many channels of communication  Facebook Messenger, SMS, Alexa, Voice, Telegram, etc.


The development was based on Node JS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis are used as data stores. Cloud-resilient architecture is supported, and PCI Compliance is passed. Amazon Web Services was chosen as a scalable cloud web services platform for application deployment.


3rd party services, AngularJS, AWS CloudWatch, AWS DynamoDB, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, AWS Route53, AWS S3, AWS SDK, AWS SQS, AWS CloudFront, Facebook Send API, Grafana, Gson, JSON, Kibana, Knex, Koa, Mocha, MongoDB, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, REST API, Webpack


- 3 Software Engineer
- Front-end developer
- QA


Web application development took about one year