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ReceiveCare - Custom App Development

ReceiveCare - Custom App Development


The goal of this project was to develop a mobile and web application for chatting, as well as creating an administrative panel for managing data and application settings. The application is intended to unite two categories of users: listeners and members. Chats were structured according to separate tenants, each of which had a unique list of topics. In these topics, members could initiate dialogues, while listeners acted as psychologists or consultants. The main quality criteria for the project were modularity, security, cross-platform compatibility, and the ability to further expand functionality.


Mobile Application:

  • - Built on React Native for resource savings, accelerated development, and cross-platform compatibility.
  • - Chat implemented on with support for both mobile and web applications.
  • - Firebase Cloud Messaging is used for push notifications and for internal notifications.
  • - Interaction with the backend on Apollo GraphQL, providing high performance, reliability, and flexibility.
  • - Authentication: Several registration and authentication methods were added, based on existing Google accounts, email and password, phone, as well as Apple registration for iOS.
  • - Integration of IAPHUB to simplify the payment and subscription process.
  • - Implementation of Onetrust for GDPR compliance and improving user trust.
  • - Integration of LaunchDarkly for feature flag management, speeding up development and rollout of new features.
  • - Use of AppCenter for automating build, testing, and distribution, optimizing the CI/CD process.

Web Application and Admin Panel:

  • - Built on React JS. Thanks to the use of the ChakraUI library, transferring components from React Native to React occurred with minimal changes.
  • - Most of the services and libraries used in the mobile application are also supported in the web version, which significantly accelerated development.
  • - Components were reused to create the administrative panel on React JS.


Apollo Client, AWS API Gateway, AWS ECR, AWS EKS, AWS Lambda, AWS RDS, AWS S3, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS SNS, AWS CloudFront, AWS SES, Cloudflare, Code Push, Docker, Firebase Modules, GitHub Actions, Google Sign-In, GraphQL, Helm, IAPHUB, Kubernetes, LaunchDarkly SDK, Native Base, NestJS, New Relic Agent, Onetrust CMP, PostgreSQL, React, React Native, Redis, Stream Chat, Terraform, TypeORM, TypeScript

  • - Designer: Development of mobile and web application design. 
  • - Project Manager: Communication with the client, task allocation, and monitoring of task completion. 
  • - JavaScript/TypeScript Programmer: Development of the server side on Apollo GraphQL and other server technologies. 
  • - 2 Frontend Developers (React & React Native): Development of both mobile and web applications, including UI creation, backend integration, and chat functionality implementation. 
  • - QA Engineer: Testing functionality on various platforms and devices.

After agreeing on all the functional details with the client, an estimate and work plan were drawn up. During the estimation process, the project was divided into several independent parts, each of which was further divided into functional components. As a result, the project was estimated to take 2 calendar months of development. Thanks to effective task management, the development of different parts of the system proceeded in parallel, allowing the project to be completed within the set deadlines.