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Vaja Android


We had a task to develop a social application "VAJA". The main goal of the project is help and support for the lower strata of the population of the city of Bremen, Germany.

Vaja Android


The target audience of the application is teenagers from dysfunctional families and homeless. Users can find current news and necessary information in the articles section. For convenience, all the articles are grouped into topics and categories. There is also a quiz section. The quiz window shows 10 random questions in 5 different categories, such as a question about the history of Germany, German religion, about Bremen. Also, in the app, the city map is implemented. There are help and support centers and other helpful centers marked.


Android SDK, CoreData, CoreGraphic, HTML, Java, JSON, XML


- Project manager (communication with customer, distribution and control of tasks);

-­ iOS developer;

-­ Android developer


The development of the android version of the app took us 2 months, porting to iOS – 1 month.