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Types of Bots

Facebook Twitter

Social Messaging
Facebook, Twitter

Telegram Slack Skype

Telegram / Slack / Skype

Amazon Google

Voice Amazon Alexa, Actions on Google

Monitoring Alerts

Support / Monitoring /
Alerts automation

Email SMS

Email / SMS assistance
for any tasks

Tasks Support

AIl support
for any kind of tasks

Tasks that can be solved by chatbots:

Tasks that can be solved by chatbots
  • Not time-consuming Intelligent Customer Support
  • Acceptance of requests for goods/services
  • Boosting Sales
  • Conducting highly targeted surveys, questionnaires, collecting information from customers
  • Accepting recurring payments through various payment systems (Stripe, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Paypal etc), monitoring and reminding customers
  • Perfect substitute for a mobile app - connecting a bot can be more profitable than creating
    several apps for different platforms and thus reduce the cost of development and
    raise product's flexibility
  • "Smart" control of Customers Satisfaction
  • Analysis of user behaviour


  • Popularization of the existing service, attraction of new customers
  • Easy integration with existing systems / APIs / customer’s software packages
  • Reduction of the cost of development
  • Easy and quick cross-platform implementation (web and messengers)
  • Less time-consuming content updates
  • Flexible control of the bot’s behaviour
  • Machine learning, teaching the bot within a niche area of activity
  • Top-notch development tools
  • Integration with different IoT platforms (smart home and other IoT devices)
  • Low-cost hosting, serverless solutions

Want to give your brand a voice? Create Alexa Skills with URAN!

Why create Alexa Custom Skills:
easy integration secure cloud-based service handling reaching customers in a natural way

Voice activation comes to the fore in any life situation. Let your customers be in touch with you every minute they need! Make a conversation with your audience more natural. Give your brand a voice with Amazon Alexa.

The Skills are voice driven applications for Alexa. Users invoke them using specific keywords. Custom Skills can interact with any web service and Alexa can be integrated with your service easily.

Handling an interaction between Alexa and the server side of the Skill in a cloud based service makes possible to integrate the Skill with external APIs in easy and secure way.

Alexa’s built-in capability to connect the account with the Alexa-enabled device makes possible to personalize user's stored data and to login with social media, for instance, Facebook.

Present your customers an easy and natural way to interact with your service. Wherever they need to reach you all they have to do is to ask Alexa.

Uran is ready to help you to implement your own virtual assistant, whether chatbot, messenger or Alexa voice assistant to deliver effective customer experience for your service.

We can help your business to reach more customers by implementing your own top-notch, easy integrated and effective solution.

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