Live Streaming

Live Streaming

By   Aleksandr Burenko
Team Lead,   January 12, 2021

For near two years Uran Company has been participating as a contractor in an interesting startup for interpreters.


Certainly, we will provide the link when the project goes live, but as live streaming and projects related to it are extremely popular now, we would like to share what we have already handled.


Cases of using live streaming:

  • Real-time broadcastings of various events (performances, conferences, presentations)
  • Online conferencing/meeting applications (audio/video communicating, collaboration tools with screen sharing, teaching sessions, webinars, etc.)
  • Gaming and multimedia streaming
  • TV broadcasting and Social TV



  • Audio/Video streaming in real-time (broadcasting)
  • Collaboration in shared Audio/Video rooms
  • Real-time transcoding of media streams
  • Screen capturing/sharing
  • Media stream recording and converting
  • Any media recording can be stored, uploaded to cloud or any online service
  • Text chat integration
  • Statistic


Tech stack:

  • WebRTC
  • WebSockets
  • iOS/Android
  • RabbitMQ
  • RTP forward
  • FFmpeg
  • GStreamer
  • RTMP/HLS streaming
  • Browsers WebRTC API's
  • HTML5 Audio/Video API's
  • Node.js


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