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Chatbot Development and the importance of having AI

Chatbot Development

Today, online chat is a necessity for many businesses - from online shops, food delivery services to banks and building companies for processing incoming requests and provide guidance to customers. When developing a chatbot for insurance business our goal was to simplify getting insurance offers for customers.

When users talk with a virtual agent in a chat mode, the chatbot asks the user additional questions and provides an approximate cost of the insurance policy. Chatbot can be implemented and communicate through various channels like SMS, Voice, Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.

Node.js was selected for the project because of its simplicity, huge standard library, a big amount of outer libraries and modules.

When building and configuring a chatbot, it is important for us that customers will get the right answers on certain questions and save their time, company employees will have a less routine job and could concentrate on other tasks.

More possible options for using chatbots can be checked on our website:

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