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TeamCare Bot

TeamCare Bot

By   Aleksandr BurenkoTeam Lead
Published:  January 5, 2023
Updated:  August 17, 2023

Our team supports Ukraine since the first days of the war and the russian invasion. In order to help our colleagues and partners we decided to create a Slack bot, because it is hard to have everything under control.


The management cannot be fully aware when the employee is offline or online nowadays in Ukraine and they need to notify the client that there are delays. At the same time, clients are afraid that due to the current situation, their projects can suffer as well.


Our TeamCare bot is the solution to deal with all those problems.


As we all know, chatbots help automate tasks by working according to a given algorithm and different types of chatbots can perform different tasks: answer customer questions, accept and place orders, search for the necessary information, and advise on the product.


The Slack bot that we developed is unique and is a quality of work change in the current realities of Ukrainian people, it helps to track statistics about employees' online presence because due to massive attacks, the electricity can go off as well as the mobile network or anything else can happen at any time.


This bot provides employers an opportunity to see the status of workers online and offline, and the reason for being offline.


How does our bot help to support Ukraine?


Here is how it works, after a bot is integrated with Slack, it will check the online status of employees during working hours.


If a user is offline for a certain period of time (you can choose the one on your own) the bot will send a message with the request to confirm that you are online or offline and a few options to choose from as a reason (also, an open field to describe the situation in case none of the options fit).


It can be customized and adjusted per the needs of each company. In case a user won't respond to the first message the second one will appear requesting to update.


If the second message is not responded the bot is going to notify the management about the absence of an employee, which will allow them to react fast and notify the client about an issue.


By the end of the day, it will gather all the statistics and create reports.


The development of this bot didn't take long and we used the most advanced technologies for it: Backend - PHP Laravel, Slack API, and Frontend - React.


To sum up, our company created a chatbot to help people stay in contact and keep everyone else updated with the current situation in their region, city, or district, by simply seeing if a person is online or offline.


One of our Ukrainian partners implemented this solution, and the results were great.


They set a TeamCare Bot in a way that both client and the team could track the absence of the employees, which allowed them to switch from one developer to another and keep everything within the deadlines set.


We are ready to provide our chatbot for free to any company in need of such kind of solution.

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