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Uran Company Named Top B2B Providers in Bulgaria

Uran Company Named Top B2B Providers in Bulgaria

By   Vadym ChutchevCMO
Published:  June 15, 2021
Updated:  October 27, 2023

Embarking on the dynamic journey of software development, Uran Company has evolved into a seasoned player, marking over fifteen years of excellence.


This article unveils the narrative of our continuous growth, expertise, and commitment to delivering bespoke solutions across diverse business domains. 


Within our team, we house experts in the full spectrum of modern technologies, empowering us to undertake projects of varying complexities.


Whether it's crafting a corporate web portal, desktop app development for cross-platform, or providing custom CRM development services, we've got it covered.


The journey of our company is one of continuous improvement, a narrative substantiated by our presence and performance on Clutch.


Clutch serves as a valuable digital mirror for Uran Company, faithfully reflecting the genuine discourse surrounding our work—whether it be in the form of praise or constructive critique. 


Each review on the Clutch platform is akin to a precious compass in our journey, meticulously guiding us towards continuous refinement in skills, fostering improved communication, and strengthening our client relationships.


These reviews transcend mere testimonials; they are beacons of insight that show our strengths and areas for growth. 


As we absorb the wealth of feedback from our esteemed clients, we not only celebrate our triumphs but also acknowledge opportunities for enhancement.


The Clutch platform, with its discerning community of users, propels us forward on a trajectory of perpetual improvement. 


In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, this candid feedback on Clutch serves as a vital catalyst, inspiring us to reach new heights of excellence. 


Each review is not just a reflection of our past accomplishments but a roadmap guiding us to even greater achievements in the future


As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of software development, your feedback propels us forward.


“Being named one of the Top B2B providers in Bulgaria by Clutch means a lot to us, because it shows our dedication to work and desire to help other companies reach their goals.” – Serghii Kulieshov, CEO.


Furthermore, fueled by the interest and genuine critiques of our clients, we've earned recognition on Clutch's sister sites, "The Manifest" and "Visual Objects."


The Manifest serves as a beacon for users seeking business news, how-to blogs, and insightful articles, providing curated content related to the dynamic IT industry.


It's a platform where knowledge converges, creating an informed community within the realm of technology and business.


In 2021, due to the fact that we are located in Bulgaria and our specialists are from Ukraine, the Uran company was named the Top 100 Magento development companies in Ukraine.


Here is the comment from one of our satisfied clients:


"The team at Uran Company understood how to make the right translation, and present it how we wanted it to be." - Senior Technical Officer, Network Solutions Firm


We're excited to have worked with Clutch and showcase some of our most enthralling work for everyone to see.


As we celebrate these milestones, we express gratitude for the opportunity to showcase some of our most captivating work.


Our journey continues, fueled by your feedback and the shared knowledge that converges on platforms like Clutch, 'The Manifest,' and 'Visual Objects.

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