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Facebook CMS

Facebook CMS


The system allows in a few hours to create an application or web site containing several pages.

All pages of the application have the sequential order of display.

The frame consists of a background page, which shows the entire graphic base and active elements, which are placed on top of a background (input fields, buttons, links, etc.) Each element type contains properties that affect the storage of the data entered, or the behavior of the page (such as buttons go to the next page or to the next state). Each page can also have multiple states. In different states of page certain elements can be shown or hidden. Switching the states of the page depends on the logic, which is given by the active elements. After finishing the necessary settings, the application can be published on Facebook or be exported directly from the admin panel to independent web project and hosted on the server of the customer. When exporting the application completely independent web-based application based on Yii Framework is generated. All you need to do is to unzip the file on the customer server import the database and change a few settings in the configuration file.


- The system is based on Yii Framework;

- During the development we actively used the Yii generator modules;

- Work with Facebook API;

- A lot of solutions implemented in Javascript;

- Work with jQuery, jQuery UI, EJS template.


Ajax, CSS, Facebook API, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, JS custom scripts, JSON, MySQL, Open Graph, PHP, REST API, SVN, Yii


The customer set us the task to implement the project in a short time (6 weeks), while providing complete freedom of action in dealing with minor issues in functionality. Thus, two senior programmers and two middle programmers with different slopes (frontend / backend) were involved. Development process led an architect who coordinated the work and solved the controversial issues in the implementation.

The team was:

- Architect-coordinator;

- Backend php programmer (senior);

- Frontend javascript programmer (senior);

- Php-programmer;

- Coder.


The project was successfully put into operation within 6 weeks.