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"Siemens" app is an interactive presentation. The goal of this project is the demonstration of the effectiveness of the department of Siemens on different conferences.

This presentation allows finding the information about the new departments of Siemens: description of the departments, objectives, goals, technologies they work with and their achievements.
The presentation consists of a main menu where you should select the department and further the required topic. For each topic, there is a separate presentation, the slides change with animated transitions. On the slides there are various graphic content, animation, video and other.


This app is developed in several versions: Web version and iOS app. iOS version used as a basis the project generated with the help of Cordova from PhoneGap. It is also planned to implement versions of the application for Windows and Linux operating systems.


CSS, Graphic Design, HTML, iOS SDK, JavaScript, jQuery, SVN


-­ Project manager (communication with customer, distribution and control of tasks);
-­ Web developer;
-­ iOS developer;
-­ Designer.


This project was successfully developed in 6 weeks.