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Glue Warehouse

Glue Warehouse


The main goal of the project is the development of an online store for implementation of wholesale of building adhesives brand "Glue Warehouse". In addition to the standard e-shop the system should combine the functions of the CRM / ERP system for the management of sales and customers. Also, the system should be integrated with the existing Lotus Notes documentation system.

The main requirements were:

- reliability;

- performance of the system;

- usability of the interface;

- rigid cross-browser compatibility (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7+)

The online store has the following features:

- As the shop is focused on wholesale, should be implemented a reliable system of creation, confirmation and account activation;

- Online shop should have a flexible pricing system. To do this, it should be possible to add different price lists for each account;

- should be implemented a handy tool to select the color of glue, depending on space, color tiles, and countertops;

- for regular customers, there should be an ability to apply for a credit limit.


The system was developed based on CodeIgniter PHP framework. This framework at the time of development of the project was one of the most advanced MVC technologies, which provided a large number of user-friendly tools with relatively high efficiency.

For data storage, we used the MySQL database management system. However, during the system's operation, there was a high load on the server. As a result, it was decided to replace the MySQL database with a more powerful Percona Server.

The payment ability with a credit card has been implemented through the service

To synchronize with the existing Lotus Notes documentation system communication protocol SOAP was used.


Ajax, AWS CloudFront, AWS SES, Bootstrap, Codeigniter, CSS,, ExtJS, Fedex API, Git, Google PageSpeed, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, JS custom scripts, Mailchimp API, Minify, MySQL, PHP, Rollbar API, SOAP, TinyPNG API, Wkhtmltopdf, API


- Curator of the project (development, distribution and control of the tasks);

- Designer (design of the website design, advertising content and email newsletters);

- 2 PHP/JavsScript programmers – development;

- Lotus Notes specialist – development of the SOAP service;

- Tester – test of the project.


The customer has provided technical specifications. After all the details were discussed a detailed evaluation of the project was made and the deadlines were set. The project was estimated in 1,500 hours of development and was successfully completed within 4 months.