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Glue Warehouse
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  • Glue Warehouse
  • Glue Warehouse
  • Glue Warehouse
  • Glue Warehouse
  • Glue Warehouse
  • Glue Warehouse
  • Glue Warehouse
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The aim of the project is development of an online store for implementation of wholesale of building adhesives brand "Glue Warehouse". In addition to standard e-shop the system should combine the functions of CRM / ERP system for management of sales and customers. Also, the system should be integrated with the existing Lotus Notes documentation system.
The main requirements were:
- reliability;
- performance of the system;
- usability of the interface;
- rigid cross-browser compatibility (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7+)
The online store has following features:
- As the shop is focused on wholesale, should be implemented a reliable system of creation, confirmation and account activation;
- Online shop should have a flexible pricing system. To do this, it should be possible to add different price lists for each account;
- should be implemented a handy tool to select the color of glue, depending on space, color tiles, countertops;
- for regular customers there should be an ability to apply for a credit limit.
The system was developed based on CodeIgniter PHP-framework. This framework at the time of development of the project was one of the most advanced MVC technologies, which provided a large number of user-friendly tools with a relatively high efficiency.
For data storage we used MySQL database management system. However, during the operation of the system there was a high load on the server. As a result, it was decided to replace the MySQL database with a more powerful Percona Server.
The payment ability with a credit card has been implemented through the service
To synchronize with the existing Lotus Notes documentation system communication protocol SOAP was used.
Team of 6 specialists worked on a project:
- Curator of the project (development, distribution and control of the tasks);
- designer (design of the web site design, advertising content and email newsletters);
- 2 PHP/JavsScript programmers – development;
- Lotus Notes specialist – development of the SOAP service;
- tester – test of the project.
The customer has provided technical specifications. After all the details were discussed a detailed evaluation of the project was made and the deadlines were set. The project was estimated in 1,500 hours of development and was successfully completed within 4 months.


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