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Glue Warehouse EU


The client within the expansion of his business has planned to launch the production of construction adhesives under its own brand "Glue Warehouse". We had a task to develop a comprehensive solution, which would include an online store, CRM / ERP system to manage sales and customers, and a module to integrate with the existing in company document management system, on the basis of IBM Lotus Notes (hereinafter Lotus Notes). It was necessary to ensure cross­browser compatibility in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari и Internet Explorer 7+.

The main features of the online store:
1. Store is focused both on retail and wholesale;
2. There should be a custom system of creation, confirmation and account activation
3. The ability to create various price lists and bind them to the accounts
4. Interactive tool for selection of adhesive color depending on the color of kitchen countertops of different brands
5. Credit module which allows accounts to apply for a credit limit and system administrators to consider and process applications
6. Multi­site with a choice of 1 of 7 languages.
7. The possibility of converting currency.

Glue Warehouse EU


After analyzing the customer's requirements, it was decided to develop a website and control panel on a single platform based on the PHP framework Codeigniter, which at that time was one of the best MVC frameworks. MySQL database was selected as a data store, which was later replaced with a more powerful database ­ Percona Server. For the realization of payment with credit cards, we used the CyberSource service. Also, during payment, we use authentication technology 3­D Secure. To integrate the online store with the Lotus Notes document management system we selected the SOAP communication protocol.


Ajax, authorize.net API, AWS CloudFront, AWS SES, Codeigniter, CSS, Cybersource.com, ExtJS, Fedex API, Git, Google PageSpeed, Graphic Design, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, JS custom scripts, Mailchimp API, MySQL, PayPal API, PHP, Rollbar API, SOAP, TinyPNG API, Wkhtmltopdf, zip2tax.com API


- Designer – development of the website design, various illustrations, print products, email newsletters;

­- Project ­manager ­ communication with the customer, distribution, and control of tasks implementation;

­- 2 PHP programmers – development of the functionality and frontend;

-­ Lotus Notes specialist - ­ SOAP service development for the exchange of information;

-­ Tester – functional and cross­browser compatibility testing.


After all details were discussed with the customer, we have made an evaluation of the project and work plan. The project was divided into several independent parts; each of them has been divided into functional components. As a result, the project was estimated at nearly 1,500 hours of development.  Thanks to competent management the development of different parts of the system was conducted in parallel, which allowed completing the project during 4 months.