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Husky Aircraft

Husky Aircraft


The goal of the project was to create a site representing the AVEX Company, with a feedback and description of its services in the purchase and maintenance of HUSKY, PITTS and EAGLE aircraft. One of the tasks was the implementation of color schemes selection, where in addition to the standard options, plane coloring can be produced in accordance with the scheme proposed by the customer.


There should be implemented a sub-menu of the type of aircraft HUSKY, PITTS, EAGLE on the site. Each menu item should contain the following sections:

 - "Overview" - description of the type of aircraft;

 - "Specifications" – technical and flight characteristics of the aircraft;

 - "Options" - description of the aircraft equipment;

 - "Color schemes" - variants of schemes for coloring;

 - "Gallery" - images of the plane;


Also the website should include the following pages:

 - Service - description, pictures, aircraft parts catalogs (PDF) and newsletters by type of aircraft (HUSKY, PITTS, and EAGLE)

 - Resource planes - section for used planes, where ads are posted.

 - Accessories - list of different accessories with the description, cost, and image.

 - Contacts - feedback form.


The customer has provided detailed technical specifications. After a detailed study, it was concluded, that for the development of this site the best technology is Drupal 7. In the development were used the following modules: Panels, Views, FlexSlider, Webform + AJAX and other auxiliary modules and libraries.


Ajax, CSS, Drupal, Graphic Design, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, JS custom scripts, MySQL, PHP, SVN


 - Curator proceeded with communication with the customer, discussion, and evaluation of the technical specifications, control of the development.

 - 3 PHP/JavaScript programmers – development.

 - Designer – development of the website design.

 - Tester – multipurpose test of the project.


After all details were discussed, we made an evaluation of the project and designated the implementation deadlines. The project was successfully completed in 1 month.