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  • Ukrgrafit is the website developed on Drupal CMS
  • Ukrgrafit is the website developed on Drupal CMS
  • Ukrgrafit is the website developed on Drupal CMS
  • Ukrgrafit is the website developed on Drupal CMS
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • Drupal
  • Graphic Design
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • SVN
Company Ukrainian graphite approached us with a desire to improve their website. Technologies, using which the site was developed at that moment obsolete and did not allow to flexibly and quickly to scale it.
The main goal was to develop a website on a new platform while preserving existing data and functionality, as well as add new features:
- Registration / authorization of users
- Display online tenders
- Import order data from XLS-file
- Managing the competitive subscriptions
For the development was chosen CMS Drupal 6 technology. It is suitable for all customer requirements and allows adding own modules.
We have created a module that allows the user to:
- Define the category of the tender
- To dispatch all bids.
We have used the following technologies, platforms and API: CMS Drupal, Drupal API, CSS, HTML, JQuery JavaScript-framework, SVN version control system.
Upon successful completion of the development project have past the testing stage. Then the customer has provided a list of new improvements. It was decided to add the ability to manage tenders, choose responsible persons for each bid, and notify winners and losers. Besides, to provide managers the ability to create subscribers and send them bids newsletter.
- Drupal programmer has developed the server side
- Frontend-developer was responsible for creating the client side
- Content manager was responsible for the transfer of information from the source site to the new one
- The tester checked website performance
To develop this site, the customer has provided us two months. The website was delivered to the customer in time.  All improvements have been fully implemented and are actively used by the customer.
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