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Music App


We had a task to create an app that is going to be a visual remote control for the music server. Using the application, you can easily connect to any remote server MPD­player (just enter IP address of the server connection port and password in the settings).


This application is very similar to any standard player, the only difference is that songs are played not on the device, but on the server.

The user receives a list of all the music genres stored on the server, can view the albums of a specific genre and get information about the specific album: artist, description, covers and list of songs. The user can also create a playlist of albums, add, modify and delete an album from this list. The application displays all the information about the currently playing album: artist, title of the track and track position. The user can easily stop/pause the music, restart the song or album, or adjust the volume level. There is also the possibility to switch to the next or previous song in the album or to the next album.


CoreGraphic, iOS SDK, JSON, XML


-­ Project manager (communication with customer, distribution and control of tasks);

­- Web developer;

­- iOS developer;

­- Tester.


This app was successfully developed in 3 months.