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The goal of the Emenu application is to optimize and improve the quality of customer service in catering establishments.  It helps to make the process of selecting and ordering food much faster and more convenient. The application also greatly facilitates the work of staff. The application includes a menu with categories of dishes. There is also the ability to create sub-categories with the search function. The application automatically generates the section "Popular dishes". To view details of the dishes, the user simply has to click on its thumbnail image. Adding dishes to order is done by pressing the button "Order". All ordered dishes go into the "Virtual Shopping", which displays the number and total cost of all dishes ordered. Before confirming the order, the user can make changes to the order. The user can call the waiter by pressing one button. With the menu application, we have developed an app for the fast processing of orders, and a convenient control panel for system administration.

The application is developed for both Android and iOS platforms.


Ajax, Android SDK, CoreGraphic, CSS, ExtJS, Graphic Design, Gson, HTML, iOS SDK, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, JS custom scripts, JSON, MySQL, PHP, REST API, SVN, Yii


- Project manager - communication with customers, distribution and control tasks;

- iOS programmer - development;

- Android Programmer - development;

- Tester.


The development and implementation took us approximately 2 months. Currently, the company actively provides technical support of the application.