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  • TravelPlan
  • TravelPlan
  • TravelPlan
  • 3rd party services
  • aws-sdk
  • Flickr API
  • Gson
  • JSON
  • NodeJS
  • PWA
  • ReactJS
  • RestApi
  • TravelNXT API
  • Yelp API
This web application is a platform aimed to help users create trips and journeys with a possibility of simultaneous order of all auxiliary items, as flights, hotels, places of interest, restaurants, rented vehicles and so on. The web application contains a tool to create their own tours and add required hotel bookings and other items. The user is able to create, edit and manage trips, send them for review to other users as recommendations.
The application for displaying content obtained through REST API built using NodeJs was developed using ReactJS. PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis DBMSs are used as data warehouses. External APIs as Yelp and TravelNXT are exploited for obtaining relevant data and booking hotels, flights, etc. Amazon Web Services – cloud computing platforms infrastructure – was chosen for deploying the application. The service is developed with PWA technology.
The web part of the app was built by:
- Web developer;
- Front-end developer.
The development of the web application took about 2 months.



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