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TravelPlan Mobile

TravelPlan Mobile


To develop an application for booking airline tickets, hotels, vehicles and various activities, for instance, exhibitions, tours, etc. The main idea is that the user types in only the final destination and the system picks up the best options for a trip automatically, offers them to the user and allows to pay immediately. The user can manage his planned travel. The application should notify the user about available flight discounts, and also tip the user off about other pastime options at different points on the route. The application should support two options for application login: with email and with a Facebook account.


The original name and screenshots of the application have been changed at the request of the rights holder.


The development of the whole project - website, mobile applications and backend - was executed by our company, thereby establishing the necessary interaction between all parts of the system and addressing urgently all raised questions. Our backend developers built an API, which enabled our mobile developers to implement all requirements for the application. To create a design, that meets Material Design requirements, we’ve used standard solutions, as well as new custom widgets created by our developers from the scratch. We’ve integrated such services as Google Maps, push notifications and Facebook login in order to implement the functionality of the application. Quality control of the application was conducted by writing unit and integration tests, and also with the assistance of our QA department. We used the Crashlytics Beta framework to quickly deploy the application to the devices of our testers and the client.


Alamofire, Android SDK, Butterknife, Calligraphy, Crashlytics, Espresso, Fabric.js, Facebook SDK, Glide, Google Services, iOS SDK, Java, JSON, JUnit, KeyChainAccess, Kingfisher, MVC, MVP, ObjectMapper, REST API, Retrofit, RxJava, Swift, Timber


Two developers worked on the mobile application:

- iOS developer;

- Android developer.


The development of two applications, one for iOS and one for Android, took about 2 months.