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The U-office project is a complex solution that combines a functionality of work time tracking system and project management system. Close integration with Redmine and Asana creates powerful functionality for project management. Interaction with a mobile application gives a possibility to implement a quite flexible and convenient employees’ time tracking system.
In order to implement such an extensive functionality, it was decided to build the application architecture as an API. Then it enabled us to create a convenient infrastructure that can easily integrate with multiple services and applications, whether Asana or mobile application, etc. Laravel framework was selected as a basis and Mysql DBMS is used as a data storage.
- Project manager - team management and distribution of tasks and monitoring their implementation;
- Frontend Developer - development of the interface (HTML5 + CSS);
- 3 Backend developers – development of the server side of the system.
Development of the system started in October, 2016 and the system has been actively used since August, 2017.


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