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The goal of this project is to create CRM / ERP system to manage all data and business processes of the client company.


Livingconnect and BuisnessFlow represent two systems combined into one control panel with common authorization systems, sessions, user rights, and menus that are implemented as a REST service. The system is based on two PHP frameworks - Codeigniter and FuelPHP. The main part of the system interface is implemented on the basis of JavaScript framework ExtJS.

The system implements the following sections and modules:

- Order management

- Account management

- User roles and permissions

- Payments

- Products

- Price lists

- Reports

- Invoices

- Inventory

- Credits

- Warehouses

- Notifications


The system provides integration with existing client software:

- Lotus Notes

- Quickbooks (accounting)

- ACCtivate! (inventory software)


Also, the system is integrated with a variety of services, and partners:

- service

- Delivery services (Conway, AAA Cooper, Oak Harbor, USF Holland and others)

- Affiliate Store

- Affiliate Store

- Affiliate Store

- Affiliate Store

- Affiliate Store


The functionality of the system is constantly updated and developed in accordance with the business needs of the client.

Accounts –is the part of the project Business Flow, customers work with it.

It includes:

- Account Setup System - create a user account. A new customer fills out information about his company, contact information, the preferred method of payment, etc. Also at this stage, the installation of digital signatures on the documents required for processing orders.

- Order Products – products order using different payment methods, such as Electronic check, Credit Card and others.

- Apply For Credit - applying for credit granting.

- Price List - price list in pdf format, which is generated on the basis of prices for products set for this user. For each user, the price list is set through the admin panel of Business Flow.

Warehouse Portal - part of the project Business Flow, which operates the warehouse.

It is designed to track the queue of orders for shipment and change the status of the queue. Also integrated the ability to create shipping label (Shipping Label) FedEx service and print them on the ZPL printer directly from your browser.


During the development we’ve used:

- PHP frameworks FuelPHP and Codeigniter;

- JS frameworks and libraries;

- JQuery;

- ExtJS;

- AngularJS;

- Bootstrap.


The technologies and services used in the project:



- EDI;

- AS2 Server;



- FedEx SOAP services.


Each part of the project is closely integrated with Lotus Notes \ Domino ERP \ CRM system.


AngularJS, Bootstrap, Codeigniter, CSS,, ExtJS, FuelPHP, Git, Graphic Design, jQuery, PHP, REST API, SOAP, ­AS2 Server, ­, ­EDI, ­FedEx SOAP services


- Project manager - communication with the customer, the distribution of tasks and monitoring their implementation;

- 4 PHP / JS programmers - development of functionality on PHP, JS;

- Lotus Notes / Domino Specialist - Development of Lotus Notes functionality, administration of Lotus Notes / Domino;


Tasks come gradually from the project manager.

The estimation of the duration and priority of tasks are discussed together with the manager of the customer due to incoming tasks.