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US Trendy Shop — Craft CMS Development

US Trendy Shop — Craft CMS Development


The main idea of this project was to not just boost brand sales but to redefine the entire landscape through innovative platform and marketing techniques. In our pursuit of providing top custom app development services, we aimed not only to match but to surpass the swiftness of any WooCommerce or Shopify store. 


We don't just prioritize UX/UI design and optimization; we elevate them to an art form.


This client wanted our team to not merely meet expectations but set new standards for digital commerce, where every interaction is a seamless blend of sophistication and speed.


It is hard not to mention that we needed to achieve maximum speed and UX optimization. Our performance is reflected in the ratings from, where we consistently achieve maximum scores (green zone) across all four parameters: Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. Additionally, we had a huge success with Core Web Vitals, where we have passed all Google assessments.


One of the requirements for the developed product is to easily and swiftly generate various variations of product offer pages. These pages showcase the same products, but the content arrangement, order, and theming of the main store page differ in content blocks. This functionality serves as a key marketing tool for conducting A/B testing, aiming to identify the store's main page variant with the highest conversion rate among site visitors. Essentially, this project is geared towards maximizing the conversion rate and increasing revenue per visitor.


To sum up, we needed to create a Sales Page Builder Generator.


In response to the evolving needs of businesses worldwide, we created this multilingual project, using CraftCMS, for one of our clients providing exceptional web application services. This isn't just a tool; it's a transformative concept designed to empower businesses to create a high-performance online store at an unprecedented pace.


Powered by cutting-edge technologies, including ChatGPT, our solution transcends language barriers. With the ability to effortlessly translate content into 24 languages, as well as, multicurrency - which is also fully automated; the currency is pulled based on the user's location, and the price is automatically recalculated. We provide not just a store but a global storefront, ensuring that the user's brand resonates with audiences across the world.


Here is how the process looks from the user’s point of view: A content manager (user) becomes a curator, effortlessly sculpting a digital storefront by adding logos, images, and captivating content, basically providing all the components and building an ecommerce store. Our system isn't just automated; it's visionary, dynamically generating 24 pages in different languages. This isn't merely about accessibility; it's about creating an inclusive digital experience that speaks the language of every potential customer.


Also, our team implemented a set of custom marketing tools that can optionally be applied on sales pages, such as Up-sell, Post-sell, Bundle & etc.


AWS Certificate Manager, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Elastic Container Service, AWS ElastiCache Redis, AWS IAM, AWS RDS Aurora PostgreSQL, AWS Route53, AWS S3, ChatGPT, CraftCMS, GitHub Actions, Terraform, Vue.js


Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering excellence:

  • - Backend Dev
  • - Frontend Dev
  • - Fullstack Dev

This is an ongoing project.