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IBIS - Sylius Development

IBIS - Sylius Development


We received a request from a prominent client, a leader in touristic ecommerce platforms. The company encountered a dilemma with their current website, which was previously engaged in the sale of hunting equipment, hindering promotional efforts. Additionally, the outdated and sluggish nature of their B2C site prompted the need for a modernized update. The client aimed for cutting-edge technologies to enhance SEO performance and deliver an exceptional user experience (UX). Specifically, they desired a solution to segregate the platform for regular users from those focused on specific product categories.


To address the client's requirements, we implemented a comprehensive solution involving the creation of a separate backend and a customized Sylius ecommerce platform.

Key Achievements:

Great Optimization: Streamlined B2C site processes for enhanced performance.
Unique B2C Website Design: Revamped the platform's aesthetics and user experience.

Innovative Features:

Unified Login: Implemented a seamless login experience across both websites. Users logging in on one site are simultaneously logged into the other. During checkout, a unified order is generated.

Order Confirmation: Introduced a universal order confirmation process. Depending on the cart contents, if certain products are included, two separate payments are processed. Some orders are shipped conventionally, while others are restricted to in-person pickup with the presentation of the necessary permits.


MySQL, Nuxt.js, Sylius, Symfony, Vue.js


- 2 Fullstack Developers
- 1 Frontend Developer
- 1 Backend Developer


The B2C website development is currently ongoing, and the initial one-year milestone has been successfully reached.