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Zookt is an online auction service, which includes a variety of games. With this service, the user can get a discount (up to 99% on any item) from the online store We had a task to develop service turnkey, starting from technical specification creation, design development, software implementation and ending with the setting and administration of the cloud servers’ park after the site launch.


This project is formed from four online games:

- Random

- Colors

- Bingo

- Hearts

The last game didn’t meet the customers’ expectations, so it was decided to stop its development.

We used the following frameworks during the development of the server side:

- FuelPHP (version PHP 5.3)

- Express 2

It was also decided that in order to work with the database it is necessary to use the SequelizeJS ORM framework and for the reception of events in the games library.

Main technical features:

- Work with HTML5

- Work with the Amazon Products API

- The use of and PayPal payment systems;

- The use of, through which the text messages are send


Ajax, API, AWS CloudFront, AWS SES, CSS, EJS template, Express, Facebook API, Fedex API, FuelPHP, Graphic Design, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, JS custom scripts, JSON, Memcache, MySQL, Node.js, Payleap API, PayPal API, PHP, REST API, SMS gateway, Socket.IO, SVN, XLS, XML, XML parser, ­FedEx SOAP services


6 experts took part in the creation of this system. First, a leading Nodejs developer described and created page layouts of the entire system. Frontend developer created online games. Designers have developed the basic design layout. Also in the process of development, the system administrator and the server programmer participated. At the last stage, the beta-tester checked the system for performance.


The system development took 1 year. The finished project was delivered to the customer on time.