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The goal of the project was to develop a corporate social network Fit Species for bodybuilders.
Registered users should be able to:
 - Add other users to the friends list;
 - Write messages to each other;
 - Create groups/events;
 - Subscribe to groups’/events’ news;
 - Keep a list of competitions in which users have competed;
 - Show items that the user sells in the Fit Bazar online store;
 - The coach should be able to either find customers or to create account for new customers using a simplified form;
 - Facebook registration/authorization;
 - Edit profile;
 - Search for users on the site;
 - When users create posts, duplicate them on their own Facebook page and on Fit Species Facebook page.
Considering the complex structure of the site, we selected the most appropriate technology - Drupal Commons, which is built into CMS Drupal 7.
Integration with Fit Bazar online store was implemented on basis of CS-CART API.
Duplication of posts on Facebook pages was implemented through Facebook API.
In the development were used the following modules and libraries: Panels, Views, WYSIWIG, Twitter Bootstrap, Drupal for Facebook and other auxiliary modules and libraries. To solve non-standard problems we created our own modules.
Project team
 - Curator proceeded communication with the customer, discussion and evaluation of the technical specifications, control of the development.
 - 1 PHP/JavaScript programmer – development.
 - Tester – test of the project.
After all details were discussed, we have made an evaluation of the project and designated the implementation deadlines. The project was successfully completed during 4 months.


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