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  • Hunters is the best mobile app where users can post ads
  • Hunters is the best mobile app where users can post ads
  • AdMob
  • Android SDK
  • CoreLocation Android SDK
  • Google Maps
  • GooglePlayServiceSdk
  • Gson
  • inAppPurchase
  • iOS SDK
  • Java
  • XML
We had a task to make a mobile application where individuals can post their ads.
The main functionality of the application:
- Adding ads in a specific category in any format
- Publication of ads in TOP (paid service).
- Adding an image to any ads.
- Adding location.
- Communicating with the advertiser or other users.
- Expansion of application functions (paid service)
We were required to develop a mobile client based on the server API, provided by the customer.
To implement this project we used the following technologies:Android SDK, Java, AdMob, CoreLocation Android SDK, GooglePlayServiceSdk, Google Maps, Gson, inAppPurchase,
Android Java-programmer worked on the development of this project.
The development of this application took us 4 months.
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