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  • Git
  • ImageMagick
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • PHP


Constructor task - to allow the user to create a mold design on his own, to pay and to issue an order without personal communication. At the exit, the performer gets a ready for print layout of dyed parts of a product in Coreldraw.


The development is based on the most advanced php framework - Laravel, which allows to create flexible, reliable, and scalable applications. For realization of the constructor utilities for image processing were also necessary, as a solution we used ImageMagick and Batik, in the constructor development it was used a JavaScript language and its JQuery library, DBMS MySQL has been involved as a data store.

Technical features:

- PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Jquery, MySQL, Batik, ImageMagick, Git

Project team

- Project manager - communication with the customer, the distribution of tasks and monitoring their implementation;

- Backend developer – development of the server site of the system;

- Frontend developer - UI (HTML5+CSS) development;


It was spent 9 months on the development of the project, which was finished and delivered on time.

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