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The Go Game Client Portal
  • The Go Game Client Portal is made by Uran Company

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This project is intended to create, run quest games and game events without monitoring every single game by the Game Producer. Players can use existing game templates for customizing and editing the conditions of missions and tasks.
Our main goal is maintenance and addressing challenges faced in games creation and running, and also improvement of the existing project according to the client’s requirements.
Main requirements:
- Integration “GameDay Plan” in Breadcrumb;
- Possibility for user to add their own details (questions, comments, missions);
- Enhancing of user interface (UI).
Client Portal is a control panel with authorization systems, users’ rights and menu. The main part of the system’s interface is realized on the basis of Python2, Django framework, using HTML and JavaScript.
The tasks are distributed by the project manager. Priorities can be changed depending on incoming tasks.
- Project Manager – communicating with the client, distribution and monitoring of completing the tasks;
- Python/JS developer – development and maintenance of the functionality, JS and Python2.
The maintenance of the project lasted a little longer than a year. The tasks were incoming gradually from the project manager. Timeline estimation and tasks priority were determined with the client manager in accordance with received tasks.


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