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The Go Game Project

The Go Game Project


Our client approached us with the task of maintenance and improvement of the existing project, which is intended to create, run quest games and game events. Every single game is monitored by the Game producer.


The project consists of the following structural parts:

- Create: section for creating games;

- Direct: section for gaming and monitoring games;

- Play: section for playing a game by players;

- Presentation: section for presentations and rating;

- Game Runner Shortcuts: section for voting.

Our main goal is the maintenance of the project and addressing challenges faced in game creation and running, as well as the improvement of the existing project according to the client’s requirements.


Main requirements:

- Timely assistance in solving urgent faced problems;

- Responsive web design for different types of screens;

- Web performance optimization.


This solution is a Control Panel that includes authorization systems, users’ rights and a menu. The main part of the system interface is implemented on the base of the JavaScript framework EmberJS which is connected with the backend API part built with Python2.


AWS S3, Bootstrap, Cssmin, EmberJS, Facebook SDK, jQuery, Python-twitter, Python2


Tasks are distributed by the Project Manager.  Priorities may change in accordance with received tasks. 

- Project Manager – communicating with the client, distributing and monitoring tasks execution;

- JS developer – development and maintenance of the functionality, JavaScript;

- Python developer - development and maintenance of the functionality, Python.


Maintenance and improvement of the project lasted for a year. Tasks were received gradually from the Project Manager. Timeline estimation and task priority were determined with the client manager as new tasks were received.