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US Surface Warehouse

US Surface Warehouse


A group of projects US Surface Warehouse is a set of software solutions for sales and automation of business processes of a large American company that produces and sells building materials of its own brands.

The first cooperation began in 2008.

The client has set us a task to develop a website through which the sale of countertops of the Livingstone brand was made.  The first version of the website has been developed using HTML tables of image fragments with Flash animations. Later the site was improved. Now it's a modern product catalog with a full CRM system, and additional services for the company's partners.

In 2009, a team of programmers had a new task to create a new brand "Supply My Counter". To do that we have made a set of measures, starting from the creation of the brand logo and creating a complex ERP system for receiving and processing orders and payments.

US Surface Warehouse Company in 2010 creates a company that manufactures and sells construction adhesives and accessories of their brands. Therefore, the client needed a creative online store, aimed at large customers. At the same time with creating a site we had to develop a multi-functional ERP system, that would manage orders, client accounts, credit limits, payment, product, price, etc.

The client also decided to integrate the system with the existing company document management system based on IBM Lotus Notes.

In 2011, the company decided to give us the management of the entire software infrastructure. Therefore, it was decided to develop a new system. It was necessary to automate all business processes, as well as to change the ERP system based on Lotus Notes to the online operating system.


Ajax, ­AS2 Server, API, AWS CloudFront, AWS SES, Codeigniter, ­, CSS,, ­EDI, ExtJS, ­FedEx SOAP services, FuelPHP, Git, Google PageSpeed, Graphic Design, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, JS custom scripts, JSON, MySQL, Payleap API, PGP encryption, PHP, QODBC, REST API, SOAP, SVN, Wkhtmltopdf, XLS, XML, XML parser, XSLT, API


- Project manager communicated with the client

- Team lead discussed and evaluated technical specifications, controlled development

- Three PHP programmers and two JS-programmer were developing the system

- The tester checked the website performance

- Content Manager created a website content

- System administrator chose, set up a cloud server, considering the high load on the site


Cooperation with this client began in 2008 and still continues.