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The founders of the group of sites (Leebinvestor) for safety projects, as well as to increase their productivity decided to abandon the CMS Drupal 6 and transfer all their websites on CMS Drupal 7.


When choosing a CMS, we decided to choose one of the most popular content management systems Drupal CMS. This system also has a convenient mechanism for upgrades.

Before the start of the transfer, we backed up code and databases. Then we rewrote custom modules in accordance with Drupal 7 API.

For the development the following technologies were used:

- CMS Drupal 7

- Git control system

When the transfer of the entire project, including the database was completed, we have conducted testing from our side and from the side of the customer. And only after testing, we showed the full functionality of the project, the old sites were replaced by the new running CMS Drupal 7.

Another refinement is the integration of electronic subscription systems and newsletters (PSA API) and the general authorization system of users of all sites (SSO- Single Sign-On). Thanks to this members were given access to websites and enables authentication for all sites available to him. Other sites clients use the data from the server. Each site has a menu that is a list of subscriptions. The list displays only those sites for which the user has a subscription and access (integration of PSA API).

To speed up the client site's server the following modules were used:

- Advanced Aggregation

- Redis for backend

With the first module, we have expanded opportunities for compression, as well as reduced the time of return to the browser. With the help of the second module, website pages are cached. Thanks to these two modules page loading were reduced by 2 times.

To ensure the exchange of requests between the server and client sites we used a JavaScript library (PostMessage).


Ajax, CSS, Drupal, Git, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MySQL, PHP, PSA API, Redis, SSO, XML


- Drupal developer


Work on the project began in 2013. We have spent 3 weeks on the implementation of this project. The finished project has fully complied with the requirements and was delivered to the customer on time.