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Lotus Notes CRM and ERP System
  • Lotus Notes CRM and ERP System
  • Lotus Notes CRM and ERP System
  • Lotus Notes CRM and ERP System
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • Cybersource.com
  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • LotusFormula
  • LotusScript
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PGP encryption
  • SOAP
  • ­AS2 Server
  • ­Commercehub.com
  • ­FedEx SOAP services
The client set us a task to support and develop the existing CRM and ERP system based on Lotus Notes and Domino Server.
The main features of the system:
The ability to add, edit and remove goods
Storing information about this product
Create orders and the ability to pay for them through Credit Card, Electronic Check.
Check the status of orders
Queue order management
Receiving orders from partners
Creating tasks for warehouses on the formation or sending of orders
Monitor the status of these tasks
Managing queues of warehouse tasks
Sending notifications about the orders to the customer (e-mail)
Creating reports
User management
The process of developing and maintaining the system is using the Agile approaches.
The customer set us the task of creating a new system, based on an existing functionality. MySQL was chosen as the main data storage, but later data were transferred to Percona Server. CodeIgniter PHP Framework has been selected for fast and easy development. Later part of the project, namely authorization was submitted for FuelPHP Framework. Feedback from Lotus Notes / Domino - client-server architecture is based on the SOAP services. Transfer of users from the address book Lotus Notes / Domino to database.
In this project, we used the following technologies and services: SOAP, Java, LotusScript, LotusFormula, ADODB, EDI, AS2 Server, Commercehub.com, Cybersource.com, FedEx SOAP services, PGP encryption.
- Distribution of tasks, as well as monitoring their implementation, communication with the customer - Project Manager
- Development - PHP / JS programmer
- Development of the functional part of Lotus Notes and administer Lotus Notes / Domino - Lotus Notes / Domino Specialist
Development of the project began in 2011. The customer didn’t provide final technical specifications. Each day, the project manager sets the tasks. Ranking and evaluation are discussed with the manager of the customer. Priorities may vary depending on incoming tasks.


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