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  • Ajax
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
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  • Graphic Design
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The goal of the project was the addition of the functionality and transfer of the site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. There was a task to preserve the existing content and the basic structure of the project, its redesign and adaptability for mobile devices. It was necessary to add registration of new partners, with the ability to create/search or edit content on the site. It was required to implement adding website content in two ways: from external resources (xml file) after a certain period of time (by cron jobs) and through the administrative panel.
Also, it was necessary to provide the fast transfer of functionality and content for other 4 regional sites of the organization.
To transfer and add the content by cron jobs we have written 2 modules: xml parser and content parser. They provide the selection of url of the XML file, frequency of the data update, check for duplicate content.
As the basis we took the bootstrap theme, with an integrated bootstrap library. The library provides a set of ready elements, which significantly reduces the time for the adaptation and stylization of the project.
We have also used in the project the following technologies and Drupal modules:
 - jQuery
 - Views
 - Panels
 - Locations + Gmap
 - Date
 - Load more
 - ShareThis
Project team
 - Designer – development of the website design;
 - Project-manager - communication with the customer, distribution and control of tasks implementation;
 - 2 PHP programmers - development of modules and scripts;
 - Tester – functional and cross-browser compatibility testing.
Website development took us 3 weeks.
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