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New Livingstone Surfaces
  • Livingstone Surfaces
  • Livingstone Surfaces
  • Livingstone Surfaces
  • Livingstone Surfaces
  • Livingstone Surfaces
  • Livingstone Surfaces
  • Livingstone Surfaces
  • Ajax
  • Amazon SQS
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon SES
  • Codeigniter
  • CSS
  • Graphic Design
  • Git
  • Google Maps
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google PageSpeed
  • ImageMagick
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Mailchimp API
  • Minify
  • NivoSlider
  • PHP
  • Prototype JS
  • RestApi
  • Smarty
  • SVN
  • TinyPNG API
We had a task to redesign the existing website (site-catalog) and also to add a possibility to order product samples and literature. It was necessary to ensure cross-browser compatibility in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8+ and scalability of the project on mobile devices and tablets.
Since the site needed the maximum modularity, versatility, and high-speed operation, we have decided to use more modern PHP framework, that meets all these requirements - Yii. To implement a user interface component we selected JavaScript library JQuery and CSS framework Twitter Bootstrap, which allowed implementation of the adaptive interface for mobile and tablet versions of the site with a fast response to user actions. As the main data store was chosen MySQL database. To realize a fast search for products and categories we used Google Search API.
Also, we have used in the project the following technologies and services:
 - jQuery (and numerous plugins)
 - Ajax
 - Mailchimp API
 - Amazon SQS
 - Amazon SES
 - Amazon CloudFront
 - Google Tag Manager
 - Minify
 - Google Maps
Project team
 - Designer – development of the website design;
 - Project-manager - communication with the customer, distribution and control of tasks implementation;
 - 2 PHP programmers – development of the server side of the system;
 - Frontend programmer - UI (HTML5+CSS) development, creating JavaScript code;
 - Tester – functional and cross-browser compatibility testing.
After all details were discussed with the customer, we have made an evaluation of the project and work plan. The project was divided into several independent parts, each of which has been divided into functional components. As a result, the project was estimated in 2 calendar months of development. Thanks to competent management the development of different parts of the system was conducted in parallel, which allowed completing the project in time.


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