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Concreate USA

Concreate USA


We had a task to develop two modules eCommerce (the ability to make purchases) and MyAccount (authorization) that can be integrated to any website. The customer has provided the site for integration, which is implemented on the WordPress CMS. It was also necessary to implement an administrative system for the management of sales and customers. The system should be integrated with the existing document system Lotus Notes. It was necessary to ensure cross-browser compatibility in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+ and scalability of the project on mobile devices and tablets.

These modules should have a number of features:

 - the shop should focus on retail and wholesale;

 - there must be implemented a reliable system of creation, verification and account activation, so orders can be done only by logged users;

 - Internet-shop should have a flexible pricing system. To do so, it should be able to add different price lists for each account; 

 - for regular customers, there should be a possibility to apply for credit limit.


The system was developed on the basis of PHP - Fuel PHP framework. The framework at the time of the development of the project was one of the most advanced MVC technologies, which provides a large number of handy tools with relatively high productivity. For storage, we used the Amazon RDS database. To implement the payment service we used To synchronize with the existing Lotus Notes document, we used SOAP exchange data protocol. To implement the administrative part we used JavaScript ExtJS library.


Ajax, API, AWS SES, Bootstrap, CSS, ExtJS, FuelPHP, HTML, jQuery, MySQL, API


 - Team lead (development, distribution and control of tasks implementation);

 - 2 PHP/JavaScript programmers – development;

 - Designer (development of the website design, advertising content and emails);

 - HTML coder;

 - Tester.


The development of the project took us 2 months. The customer has provided detailed technical specifications and during the development process, some changes were made. The project is now ready to go live.