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Secret Talks

Secret Talks


Secret Talks is an audio-based community for female golfers where women can jump into voice chat rooms together to discuss various topics. Users can spontaneously join or schedule rooms where they can communicate via voice. Additionally, Secret Talks will program a curated set of topic-based rooms that are always available to users. The app will also host regular chats with experts from the female golf community.


Since the conditions for maximum modularity, versatility and high speed were required for mobile application, we chose the NodeJS framework that met all these requirements - Express JS. In order to implement the iOS mobile application the native approach and the Swift language were chosen. DocumentDB was chosen as the main data storage, which has a high throughput of data access.
We choose AWS Chime to implement real-time voice chat rooms.


Amazon Chime, Amazon SNS, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS SQS, AWS CloudFront, DocumentDB, Express, Git, JWT, Swagger, Swift

  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • iOS developer
  • QA tester

This project took us 4 months to develop