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The goal of the project was to develop a customized cross platform mobile app for iOS and Android that enables viewers to discover exciting live and pre-recorded Happs content and support and interact with its creators. These cross platform solutions also allow creators to broadcast live from their mobile devices.


Our mobile app development team utilized Firebase Auth for user authorization. To implement the various components and ensure the correct functionality of our customized crossplatform mobile app, we opted for the React Native JavaScript library. This choice facilitates the seamless implementation of dynamic UI elements with swift responses to user actions. As the primary data storage, we selected Firestore Database, enabling dynamic data retrieval with real-time responsiveness to changes. For real-time engagement conferences, connecting cutting-edge technologies and tools, we selected the Agora platform. Also in the customized mobile application there is a cooperative stream. The broadcaster can invite a guest to join your broadcast.

Technologies, AWS CloudFront, AWS SES, Cloud Storage, Firebase Auth, Firestore, React JS, React Native, REST API, Swagger


- Designer - website design development;
- Project manager - communication with the client, task allocation, and monitoring of task execution;
- Mobile app development team structure was next: 2 JavaScript developers: 2 frontend developers - UI development for Android and iOS mobile platforms, writing JavaScript code;
- Tester - functional and cross-platform testing.


After agreeing on all the functional details with the client, an estimate and work plan were compiled. During the estimation process, the project was divided into several independent parts, each of which was further subdivided into functional components. As a result, the project was estimated at 3 calendar months of custom mobile applications development. Thanks to effective task management, custom mobile app design and development tasks for different parts of the system were carried out simultaneously, allowing the project to be completed within the established timeframe.