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Trans Stone
  • Trans Stone is a website developed on Drupal CMS
  • Trans Stone is a website developed on Drupal CMS
  • Trans Stone is a website developed on Drupal CMS
  • Trans Stone is a website developed on Drupal CMS
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • Drupal
  • Graphic Design
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • SVN
Our team developed a corporate website for one of the biggest suppliers of stone (Trans Stone Company) in Ukraine. With it, the customer wanted to increase the number of new clients, as well as to maximize the customer base. One of the main ideas was to create individual functionality called "Visualizer", which allows user to create a unique design made ​​of different materials, which provides the company Trans Stone.
The first stage of development was creation of technical specifications, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. After the final discussion of the technical specifications, we made a detailed evaluation. It was decided that the development should be composed of discrete functional parts. At the end of the development of each part we had to show results.
Due to the complexity of the site programmers have chosen the most suitable technology CMS Drupal 7. The following modules and libraries were used: Panels, Views, Webforms + Ajax, Flex Slider, Better Exposed Filters, Geolocation + Google Geocoding API, WYSIWIG + CKEditor and other auxiliary modules and libraries. We have also created our own modules.
For the site theming we used Adaptive Theme.
- Communicating with the client, discussion and evaluation of technical specification, control of the implementation carried out the curator of the project
- System development engaged Drupal programmer
- The designer was responsible for the development of creative site interface
- The tester checked website performance.
For the development of this site we needed 2,5 months. The end product fully met the technical requirements and was delivered to the customer on time.
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