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Multi-Access Fitness
  • Multi-Access Fitness
  • Multi-Access Fitness
  • Multi-Access Fitness
  • Multi-Access Fitness
  • Multi-Access Fitness
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • JSON
  • MySQL
  • Payleap API
  • PHP
  • Codeigniter
  • SVN
The goal of the website development is an online selling of fitness subscriptions for the company Multi-Access Fitness. Two types of subscriptions are provided: standard and premium.
Users of the site can be as subscribers and institution managers. Institutions were given an opportunity to set the class schedule. Payment for subscriptions must be made through e-payment systems. List of training places for attendance subscribers can choose themselves, but the number should not exceed provided by subscription. There is also an email statistics of monthly visits. The customer asked for a cross-browser website support in Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox и Internet Explorer 7+ browsers.
As a basic technology was taken PHP framework Codeigniter. Because it has several advantages: a large number of support tools for development, convenient solutions to work with databases, emails, etc. For data storage, the MySQL database is used in conjunction with framework ORM system.
For e-commerce, we’ve used Payleap API, as this payment system provides a ready solution for implementing subscriptions and frees the user from the monthly purchase.
During the development  such technologies, platforms and API were used: PHP-framework Codeigniter, JQuery library (Niceforms, JQuery Validate, Fancybox), JavaScript, JS-framework JQuery, HTML, CSS, Payleap API, SVN version control system.
 With the transfer and the launch of the project on the customer's server, no difficulties have arisen.
This project involved four specialists:
- designer;
- frontend-developer (layout and writing JavaScript client scripts for JQuery framework);
- backend-developer (development, Payleap API integration);
- tester.
Implementation of the project was divided into five stages:
- the design of the architecture database;
- the layout of the website template;
- development of the custom system (registration, contact information management, personal account)
- email mailing implementation, electronic payment system Payleap API integration;
- testing and debugging.
According to the technical specifications for the development of the project was given two calendar months. The development team successfully delivered the project on time.
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