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World of Crystals

World of Crystals


World of Crystals is a marketplace platform for crystals, which allows crystal vendors to sell easily via live-streaming video, and allows buyers to easily make crystal purchases during a live stream. The marketplace was initially released as an iOS and Android mobile app.
This platform has two main roles: seller and buyer.

Sellers can create accounts and connect Shopify stores using Shopify OAuth.
When the store is connected we store all products in PostgreSQL and the seller can manage them. Sellers can create new products and it will be synced with the Shopify store too.
The mobile application provides sellers with the ability to choose products that will be available to sell and create live streams.
Buyers can connect to active live streaming and buy any proposed products.
When the buyer adds products to the cart and confirms the order he will be redirected to the Shopify store by the Shopify permalink and can complete the created order.


Since the conditions for maximum modularity, versatility and high speed were required for mobile application, we chose the NodeJS framework that met all these requirements - Fastify. For user authorization, we use Firebase Auth. In order to implement the components of the mobile application and make The cross-platform, the React Native JavaScript library was chosen, to make it easy to implement dynamic UI elements with a quick response to user actions. The PostgreSQL DBMS was chosen as the main data storage, which has a high throughput of data access.

We choose the Agora platform to implement a real-time engagement conference connecting the most innovative technologies and tools.

Technologies, Auto scaling policy, Cloud functions, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Fastify.js, Firebase Auth, Firestore, Google Cloud Compute Engine, Load balancer, PostgreSQL, Pub/Sub, React, Shopify, Swagger

  • Designer - development of app design;
  • Project Manager - communication with the customer, distribution and control of the execution of tasks;
  • 3 JavaScript developers: 1 - development of the server part of the system, 2 frontend devs - development of UI for the Android and iOS mobile platforms, writing JavaScript code;
  • QA engineer - functional and cross-browser testing.

This project took us 7 months.