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CRM and ERP system  integrated with existing systems

CRM and ERP system

One of our customers is a US-based company that produces and sells building materials of own brands. After working on their several projects we were given a task to build a complex ERP system to manage all the data and business processes of the company. The system was integrated with the following existing company tools: document management system Lotus Notes, accounting software Quickbooks and inventory management system ACCtivate!. There are also several delivery services and partner retail chains integrated.

Previous customer's projects where we helped with development - Automation, Warehouse Portal and Accounts, were included in the ERP system. Automation was developed to automate the company’s business processes and is constantly improved due to an increasing number of automated processes. Warehouse Portal was developed to optimize the process of forming, sending orders and to operate the warehouse. It also helps to track the queue of orders for shipment and change the status of the queue. Accounts serve for the creation of a user account and installation of digital signature on documents required for processing orders.

Automation system controls the next processes:

  • Getting of freight and ground invoices from delivery services;
  • Reception and processing of orders from external systems;
  • Getting payments from the partner through;
  • Dunning letters;
  • Notifications;
  • Reports;
  • Logs;
  • Integration with Lotus Notes/Domino system;
  • Integration with ACCTivate.


During the development we have used:

  • PHP frameworks FuelPHP and Codeigniter;
  • JS frameworks and libraries;
  • JQuery;
  • ExtJS;
  • AngularJS;
  • Bootstrap.


The technologies and services used in the project:


The system operates on Amazon cloud servers.

We coped successfully with all project tasks and now the system continues to grow and progress.

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